Hard Chrome Plating AMS 2460

Hard chrome plating deposits are widely used to provide a hard, abrasion resistant surface, and also for building up worn or undersize parts.

Iterations of hard chrome include:

  • Flash Hard Chrome
  • Thin Dense Hard Chrome
  • Pure / Nodular Hard Chrome with out Hard chrome build up.

Specifcations and Standards for 

  • Hard Chrome Plating ( Build Up)  MIL QQ C 320 Updated to AMS 2460

Hard chrome plating deposition on rollers, cylinders and shafts. These parts are used in many kinds of machines; paper making and printing machines, embossed cylinders for wallpaper and other materials, rollers used in the manufacture of plastic sheet and film, shafts used in hydraulic equipment see Industries served and plating solutions

Chromplate provides two types of Hard Chrome plating service:

Standard Hard Chrome
A high quality hard coating (hardness approx. 950-1050 Vickers or 68 Rockwell C), which can be applied in a range of deposit thickness to suit your requirements. See hard chrome build up.

Flash hard Chrome- Aluminum Piston

Flash Hard Chrome -
Aluminum Piston

Micro-Cracked Hard Chrome (Bright)

This type of hard chrome offers a number advantages over the standard Hard Chrome...

  • Harder and more wear resistant (hardness appox. 1050-1150 Vickers or 70 Rockwell C).
  • Offers better corrosion protection than standard hard chrome
  • Brighter finish than hard chrome


These extra qualities make this mirco cracked hard chrome ideally suited for use with hydraulic rams which may be operating in dirty environments, if dirt is liable to lodge in seals, less harm may be done to the ram. For wet or salt-water environments, an under coat of nickel plating provides a corrosion resistant layer, that extends the working life of the ram considerably.

This chrome is also well suited to any application that standard chrome is also used.

Before & After Treatment of Hard Chrome

Other operations may be required, prior to, and after chrome plating...

  • Pre-machining to supplied dimensions or surface finish tolerances.
  • Finish machining and polishing to supplied dimensions or surface finish tolerances.
  • Nickel-plating for a corrosion protective layer.
  • Shot/grit blast before or after plating to produce a textured/matt finish or for de-embrittling the material prior to chrome plating.
  • Heat treating before/after plating for de-embrittling or degassing to relieve stresses in the material or remove trapped gasses which may cause problems when the roll is used in plastic and film manufacturing processes.


Flash Hard Chrome - Steel Bearing

Flash Hard Chrome -
Steel Bearing

Special Note on Hard Chrome
It is a common misconception that chrome plating provides corrosion protection. This is not the case, only slight protection is given. Hard Chrome is porous at the microscopic level, which can let moisture and chemicals through to attack the base material. If the item is to be used in a damp environment, or where water based inks are used on printing machines, a layer of Nickel plating is required, prior to hard chrome plating.