Decorative Chrome Plating

Chromplate Company - Decorative ChromeOur decorative chrome plating process that allow us to apply attractive, durable and flexible decorative chrome coatings on many types of plastic glass and metal. We can apply these decorative chrome coatings on a very wide variety of applications

Decorative chrome plating is often called nickel-chrome plating because it always consists of a relatively heavy layer of nickel followed by a very thin flash of chrome. The chrome is abrasion resistant, and slightly bluish in color. Without the chrome flash, the nickel would be slightly yellowish and would grow more so as the nickel tarnished.

Copper-bright nickel-chrome is not a very rugged finish for exterior use. OEMs would use a minimum of two layers of nickel and as many as four, carefully engineered such that the outer most layer galvanically protects the interior layers so that corrosion spreads laterally instead of penetrating down into the aluminum

Decorative chromium plating is plated over a nickel electro deposit, creating a strong, scratch-resistant finish which wears well, preventing tarnish and corrosion.

Decorative Chrome PlatingAttractive and popular, decorative chromium plating is applied on many consumer items, including appliances and plumbing fixtures. This finish is also used on many industrial parts, including medical, motorcycle, automotive, and marine items.

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